0100-0549 NW 20/25 Clamping Ring 18.00 CHF
0100-1516 Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16in 33.00 CHF
0100-1597 NW20/25 Co-Seal 44.00 CHF
0100-1854 Rotor seal-Tefzel for 0101-0920 valve 194.00 CHF
0100-1855 Rotor seal (Vespel, 400 bar, 3 grooves) 189.00 CHF
0100-2304 Female Luer to Female 10/32 adaptor Call for price!
0890-1727 3/4inch HOSE TUBING CM Call for price!
0890-1915 Tube PEEK 0.13x1524mm, 1.6mm 45.00 CHF
1400-0563 CLAMP-HOSE .625-1.5-DIA .56-WD SST Call for price!
1460-2571 Canted coil spring 68.00 CHF
1535-4970 Oil Element for EMF20 Outlet Mist Filter 188.00 CHF
3162-0178 Infusion Pump Single Syringe Call for price!
3162-1056 Oil mist filter kit for E1M18/E2M28 385.00 CHF
5065-9908 Caffeine Standards for LC/MS-Trap OQ/PV 539.00 CHF
5190-0469 LC TOF/QTOF/QQQ Pesticide Test Mix. 220.00 CHF
5190-0551 LC/MS Pesticide Comprehensive mix 8x 1mL 1'389.00 CHF
5190-1401 Cleaning Powder,Dielectric Capillary 70.00 CHF
5190-1443 QuickPick LC/MS PM Kit 1'245.00 CHF
59987-20033 ES LC DEMO SAMPLE Call for price!
8500-6917 Caffeine Standards Kit for LCMS 274.00 CHF
8660-0827 Abrasive Mesh 4000 Grit 41.00 CHF
8710-2699 3MM Wrench Call for price!
9301-1291 Syringe Adapter 86.00 CHF
G1946-20301 H.T. Capillary cap 348.00 CHF
G1946-60157 LCMS TOOL KIT 1'566.00 CHF
G1946-80054 Capillary Cleaning 142.00 CHF
G1946-85004 ESI/APCI Positive Ion Perf. Std. 206.00 CHF
G1946-85021 5M Ammonium Formate Solution 214.00 CHF
G1947-20029 Corona Needle APCI, 1 each 117.00 CHF
G1947-60103 Needle assy Call for price!
G1956-20302 H.T. Skimmer,used to guide ions,for Mass Call for price!
G1960-80039 Oil Mist Filter, MS40+ 284.00 CHF
G1960-80060 Capillary, FS, 0.6MM 1'896.00 CHF
G1969-20302 Skimmer, High Throughput, 2.0 mm Call for price!
G1969-60086 SSV LONG DRAIN TUBING ASSEMBLY Call for price!
G1969-85000 ESI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 100ml 282.00 CHF
G1969-85001 API-TOF Reference Mass Solution Kit 343.00 CHF
G1969-85003 ESI TOF Biopoly. Anlys Ref. Mass Std Kit 362.00 CHF
G1969-85010 APCI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 295.00 CHF
G1969-85020 MMI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 284.00 CHF
G1969-85026 HPLC Flushing Solvent - 500 mL 194.00 CHF
G1978-85000 ESI/APCI LC Demo Kit 152.00 CHF
G2421-60001 ESI Tuning Mix 309.00 CHF
G2425A APCI Negative Ion Performance Standard 259.00 CHF
G2427A API-ES Nebulizer needle (ea) 277.00 CHF
G2428A APCI Nebulizer Needle (ea) 272.00 CHF
G2431A ESI Tuning Mix for Ion Trap 292.00 CHF
G2432A APCI/APPI Tuning Mix 337.00 CHF
G2441-80010 Electron Multiplier Ceramic Channel 3'521.00 CHF
G2453-85050 Acetonitrile LC/MS grade 1 L 226.00 CHF