M-module Carrier for VMEbus (6U)

The i4000 is a 6U form factor M-module carrier for the VMEbus and forms the basis of a flexible I/O system. It offers the user a means of integrating a mix of M-modules in a VMEbus system. Four M-module mounting sockets are provided by this carrier.
The interrupt controller on the i4000 has an interrupt vector register for each M-module interface. If a module is able to generate its own vector, the i4000 simply passes the interrupt request to the VMEbus. Interrupts for each M-module can be masked separately. The level on which an interrupt is issued to the VMEbus, is selectable by setting a DIP-switch. This is valid for all four M-module interfaces.
The base address of the i4000 is configurable by DIP-switches, which maps it in the Standard (A24) or Short I/O (A16) space of the VMEbus. These DIP-switches are accessible for configuration even when all modules are mounted.

> Features 4 M-module slots
> Occupies only one VMEbus slot
> Selectable short or standard VMEbus addressing (A16/A24) with byte (even/odd) or word data transfers (D08(E/O)/D16)
> Programmable interrupt controller with D08(O) interrupter characteristics
> Separate interrupt vector available for each (M-module) slot
> Peripheral I/O connections on front (M-Module)

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