32 Channel ADC for VMEbus

The VME393 32-Channel Differential Input ADC VMEbus Board is very well suited to be used in applications in which autonomous signal conversion is an issue, as well as in standard mid-range applications. Enabled channels are scanned at maximum rate and conversion results are stored in shared memory. Input channels are grouped into 4 sections of 8 inputs each. Each section features a local DSP which performs all functionality and user specific functions can be added for customized operation.
This VMEbus board has a 6U form and is also available as 3U VMEbus board.

> 4x 100kSPS ADC with 16-bit or 12-bit resolution
> Channels can be enabled/disabled individually
> No potentiometers
> 32 differential input channels
> On-board filtering with 1kHz cut-off frequency
> Analog front-end is optically isolated
> On-board DC/DC converters for isolated power supply
> Data acquisition handled by 4x TMS320C203 DSPs, transparent for user
> Calibration data stored in EEPROM
> Measurement values continuously updated in dual-ported SRAM
> Update rate up to 50kHz

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