64 Channel ADC for VMEbus

The VME392 features 64 self-contained ADC channels with a resolution of either 12 or 16-bit (see ordering information). This product is ideally suited for mass acquisition with high accuracy for reasonable cost. The 64 channels are grouped into four sections of 16 channels each. Each section behaves completely independent from the other sections. Each channel can be individually enabled for operation. All enabled channels are scanned continuously at maximum rate. Each channel ‘owns’ a memory location that is constantly refreshed with new conversion data. This memory can be read by the host CPU to obtain the most recent conversion value. Local DSPs (one per 16 channels) perform all functionality like calibration. User specific functions can be added for customized operation.
This VMEbus board has a 6U form and is also available as 3U VMEbus board.

> 4x 100kSPS ADC with 16-bit or 12-bit resolution
> Channels can be enabled/disabled individually
> No potentiometers
> 64 single ended input channels
> On-board filtering with 1kHz cut-off frequency
> Analog front-end is optically isolated
> On-board DC/DC converter for isolated power supply
> Data acquisition handled by 4x TMS320C203 DSPs, transparent for user
> Calibration data stored in EEPROM
> Measurement values continuously updated in dual-ported SRAM
> Update rate up to 50kHz
> A16/A24, D16 VMEbus Slave Interface

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