Ethernet M-module carrier, wired

The i5500 wired Ethernet M-Module carrier provides complete Ethernet connectivity to the many industry standard M-modules available. The i5500 supports two single-wide or one double-wide M-module. The unit is available with a rugged steel/aluminium enclosure suitable for the desktop or rack installation or without the enclosure for application specific mounting.

A simple Ethernet command protocol eases software integration and allows M-module reset, identification, and complete control and configuration of the module. The carrier provides full access to the M-module I/O space. A flexible block access command speeds sequential data access.
MA-module triggers are fully supported allowing inter-module triggering and external input or output triggers through the 9-pin DSUB connector.

+12VDC external power must be supplied by the user through either a standard 2.5mm power jack or through the 9-pin DSUB connector. All other voltage levels required by the internal logic and the installed M-modules are generated internally. Variable speed forced air cooling helps maintain M-module and internal circuitry temperature. Unit’s internal temperature can be monitored to ensure safe operating levels.

The i5500 is available with or without the enclosure.

Applications for the i5500: System integration; Data Acquisition & Analysis; Control Processing

> Supports two ANSI/VITA 12-1996 compliant single-wide M or MA-modules or one double-wide module
> Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
> Rugged steel/aluminium enclosure (W: 14.22cm; D: 21.59cm; H: 3.81cm)
> +12V power input through standard 2.5mm jack or 9-pin DSUB
> Variable speed forced air cooling with software temperature status
> D16 M-module accesses supported
> Flexible block access command provides rapid sequential and FIFO data accesses
> External trigger input/output and inter-module triggers supported
> Isolated and filtered +5V, +12V, and 12V supplies for each M-module
> Interactive Mezzanine Control (IMC) software available

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