M-module Carrier for USB 2.0 and USB ExtensionBox

The i5001 links any computer with an USB 2.0 interface directly to the M-module bus. The i5001 makes your computer perform as if the M-module was plugged into the computer directly, giving your desktop or laptop computer the capability of an embedded computer. The USB plug&play compliant i5001 comes with APIS software for Windows 2000/XP to ease your M-module system development.
The i5001 can be used in any computer running windows 2000/XP. Adding the USB to M-module interface to a low-cost, general-purpose desktop PC or laptop creates an attractive cost/performance solution compared to an embedded VME or CPCI system.
All applications written for VME or CPCI systems for our M-modules using APIS can execute without modifications on the i5001, only recompilation is needed.
For the i5001 a professional housing is available including an international operating power adapter. The i5001 in combination with this housing is called the USB ExtensionBox.

> Single M-module slot with front I/O
> Cypress EZ-USB SX2(TM) Controller
> USB 2.0 interface
> USB plug&play
> direct access to M-module memory space
> direct M-module interrupt control
> high-performance interface between the USB (SX2 Chip) and the M-module using an FPGA for direct control
> only 1 supply voltage (+12V) using onboard DCDC converters

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