Floating-Point Module with TI TMS320C6747 DSP

300 MHz TMS320C6747 processor optional OMAP-L137
100/10 MBit Ethernet with 2-Port Switch
USB1.1 Host and High Speed USB2.0 Device/OTG
64M Bytes SDRAM
16/32 bit Asynchronous External Bus Interface
8M Bytes non-volatile Flash Memory , optional additional 2G Bytes NAND Flash
Two UARTs, RS232 and RS422/485
Two Multi-Channel Serial Ports
I²C and SPI Interface
SD/MMC Interface
Timer, PWM Outputs, Capture/Compare Unit, Quadrature Encoder Inputs
3.3V single-supply, Supervisor and Watchdog, Real-Time Clock
D.Module2.BIOS programming support for all on-board resources, USB
RS232-based Setup Utility for convenient field-maintenance

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