Floating-Point Module with TI TMS320C6657 DSP

Texas Instruments TMS320C6657 Keystone 1.25GHz fixed and floating point DSP withViterbi and Turbo Co-Processors
3 Mbytes DSP-internal memory512 Mbytes DDR3 memory 8 Mbytes Flash memory
PCIe and Serial Rapid IO transceivers
Gigabit Ethernet controller, PHY and magnetics, Fiber support
USB1.1 peripheral controller
UART with RS232/RS422/485 interface
D.Module2 bus interface, synchronous (UPP) and asynchronous (EMIF) modes
I²C, SPI, GPIO, Timer, Fan Control, Temperature Monitor, Real-Time Clock
3.3V single-supply
D.Module2.BIOS programming support for all on-board resources
USB/RS232-based Setup Utility for convenient field-maintenance
Standard or industrial temperature range (-40..+85°C)
87 x 59 mm, overall height including heatsink: 33mm

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