Floating-Point Module with ADSP-21065L DSP

This is a legacy product still being in production but not recommended for new designs. Please consider the D.Module2.C6747.
High Performance Floating Point DSP ComputerModule for I/O and communication intense applications requiring highest performance and precision
66 MHz 198 MFLOPS ADSP-21065L DSP
Stand-alone Operation
Watchdog and Power Supply Supervisor
256 kByte SRAM, 16 MByte SDRAM and 512 kByte non-volatile Flash Memory Expansion
Two Multichannel Serial Ports, 5V tolerant
External Bus Interface for memory and I/O expansion, 5V tolerant
Wait State Logic for all on-board devices
Three pre-decoded memory select signals
Host Interface
Dual Processor Support
Zero Overhead Communications: UART with auto-flow-control and DMA support, up to 460 kBaud
User configurable 32 macrocell CPLD for I/O expansion, serial and parallel interfaces and Bus adaptation
Two 32 bit Timers with Capture and PWM, 5V tolerant
Three external Interrupts
28 individually configurable I/O signals:
12 direct I/O signals to/from DSP, 5V tolerant
plus 16 I/O signals to/from the CPLD
JTAG Emulation Port
Small Size: only 85 x 59 mm
3.3V Single Supply
D.Module.BIOS Application Programming Interface

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