TR D2x/msd

Intel® Atom™ 3U VPX (OpenVPX) Single Board Computer

3U VPX (OpenVPX) Single Board Computer, Atom E3800 CPUs, favorable Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) metrics, XMC site option, Flash Module option, SATA, 1x GbE + 2x GbE Ethernet/SerDes options, USB2, USB3 option, RS232, GPIO, CANbus option, VGA options, DVI-D option, HD Audio option, OpenVPX configurable PCIe, BIT options, TPM option, SM0-3/IPMI, support for Linux®, Windows® and VxWorks®, Fabric Interconnect Networking Software (FIN-S)

Main Variants:

TR D24/msd (N/E/-) 4-core Intel Atom-E3845, 1.91 GHz, 4 GB DRAM
TR D21/msd (N/E/-) 1-core Intel Atom-E3815, 1.46 GHz, 4 GB DRAM


0°C to +70°C (N)
-25°C to +70°C extended (E)

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