MIL-STD-1553 Portable Interface Unit with USB interface

The USB403 is a Portable Interface Unit providing full MIL-STD-1553 test, simulation and bus analysis capability in a compact self-contained unit, to connect via a USB interface to suitable host systems. The unit provides support for all 1553A, 1553B, McAir and STANAG 3838 variants in a self contained battery operated unit, and is supplied with a matching power supply and battery charger unit for desk-top use. The USB403 supports concurrent Bus Controller (BC) and up to 31 Remote Terminals (RT) with Bus Monitor (BM). An additional stand-alone Chronological Bus Monitor (CBM) facility is also provided, with comprehensive multi-level triggering capability. Full error injection capability is provided in BC and RT modes, with full error detection in BC, RT, BM and CBM modes. The unit provides a variable amplitude dual redundant 1553 interface. 2 Mbytes of dual ported RAM are provided.

The unit is supplied with “C” Driver library, together with a Windows GUI, providing a user friendly software tool for all 1553 set-ups, data management and storage. Also, the unit will be supplied with Universal PSU and battery charger, as standard.

> MIL-STD-1553A/B, STANAG 3838 compatible
> McAir compatible
> 2 Mbytes Dual Port RAM (all modes)
> BIT and diagnostics
> All set-ups programmable in real time
> Programmable for Direct or TX coupling
> Programmable TX amplitude
> Full error injection (BC & RT)
> Full error detection (all modes)

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