CAN Controller PMC

CAN is a widely used fieldbus, in automotive, industry and other types of applications. In the last years CAN is more and more used in aerospace applications too. Starting with CANaerospace, nowadays with the new ARINC-825 specification, CAN also contains the specification to be a subsystem bus for ARINC 664 Part 7 networked IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) architectures. This standard is (will be) used by large aircraft builders like Airbus and Boeing.

The PMC408 is built around the MPC8247 PowerQUICC II processor with four MCP2515 CAN controllers. Each CAN channel is independently isolated using its own DC/DC converter and opto-coupler.

The PMC408 also features a digital input channel for 1PPS timing signal, which may be used for time synchronization.

The PMC408 is also available as a conduction cooled version (ccPMC408).

> 32-bit PCI bus @ 33MHz or 66 MHz
> 4x CAN interface, MCP2515
> 4 x Independant CAN 2.0B, ISO11898 interfaces

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