RTD Measurement for PCI

The PCI390 features six 2-, 3-, or 4-wire high-accuracy RTD measurement channels. Each channel has programmable alarm limits on which an interrupt can be issued.
The local DSP (TMS320C203) performs linearization, auto-calibration and alarm-limit checking. Sensor-data is available in °C, °F, K and Ohms. All inputs are optically isolated from the system.

> Sigma/Delta ADC with 16-bit resolution
> PT100 linearization (IEC751-1983, DIN43760-1980, JIS C1604-1989)
> Programmable minimum/maximum value alarms
> Auto calibration
> No potentiometers
> Analog front-end is optically isolated
> On-board DC/DC converter for isolated power supply
> Data acquisition handled by TMS320C203 DSP, transparent for user
> Measurement values continuously updated in dual-ported SRAM
> Up to 7.5Hz output update rate
> PCI9050 Controller by PLX (PCI 2.1compliant)
> Measurement range: -200°C .. +850°C

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