STANAG 3838/3910 PCI Card

The PCI1404 is a single slot intelligent interface card providing complete STANAG 3838 and STANAG 3910 test, simulation and bus analysis capability for the PCI Bus. The PCI1404 supports concurrent Bus Controller (BC) and up to 31 Remote Terminals (RT) with Bus Monitor (BM). An additional stand-alone Chronological Bus Monitor (CBM) facility is also provided with powerful multi-level triggering capability. Full error injection capability in both 3838 and 3910 modules is provided in BC and RTs modes, with full error detection in BC, RT, BM and CBM modes.
Dual Redundant 3838 interface, with user selectable dual redundant optical or single redundant electrical 3910 interface are featured. 2 Mbytes of dual ported RAM are provided. The board is supplied with C drivers in source and Windows menu driven software as standard.

> STANAG 3838 compatible
> STANAG 3910 compatible
> PrEN 3715 compatible High Speed interface
> 2 Mbytes Dual Port RAM (all modes)
> Programmable interrupt
> BIT and diagnostics
> All set-ups programmable in real time
> 3838 programmable for Direct or TX coupling
> Full error injection (BC & RT)
> Full error detection (all modes)

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