General Timing Analyser/ Synthesizer M-module

The M312 General Timing Analyser/Synthesizer M-module has an MC68332 CPU. The MC68332 contains intelligent peripheral modules such as the time processor unit (TPU), which provides 16 microcoded channels for performing time-related activities from simple input capture or output compare to complicated motor control or pulse width modulation. All 16 TPU channels and 4 general purpose I/O channels are buffered and available on the connector for use with for instance an external amplifier.

The specific behaviour of the M312 is defined by the user software. The example code that is available, gives a flying start for application development.

> 68332 local 32-bit microcontroller with up to 1 Mbyte memory, of which 128 kbyte is dual ported
> Optional onboard Flash memory up to 4 Mbit
> Jumper selectable boot device (RAM or EPROM)
> 16 buffered TPU channels
> 4 general purpose buffered I/O channels
> All TPU channels and buffered I/O lines have individual programmable direction
> Onboard firmware is extendable

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