Stepper Motor Controller M-module with Amplifiers

The M321 Stepper Motor Controller with onboard amplifiers is an ideal solution for all applications where stepper motors must be controlled with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of overhead. The local MC68332 Microcontroller handles commands passed on from the host CPU and takes care of controlling the onboard power amplifiers to drive either two 2-phase motors (independent) or one 4-phase motor. The amplifiers are bi-polar driving circuits in constant current driving mode. Amplifiers are over-current and thermal protected.
Full-, half- and microstepping capability is provided by the local firmware. Up to 16 microsteps per full step can be made.
Two optical isolated home-inputs provide means for feedback on home position.

> Local MC68332 executes firmware
> Controls two 2-phase, or one 4-phase motor
> Interrupts on position breakpoint, trajectory complete, etc.
> Each phase delivers 3A @ 55V and is over-current and thermal protected
> Programmable hold-current reduction
> User configurable maximum current
> Brake support
> Full-, half- and microstepping capability
> Up to 16 microsteps per full step
> Two home sensor inputs
> Step-rates up to 50kHz
> Programmable acceleration from 50Hz/s to 5000kHz/s
> Hardware synchronization lines
> 32-bit absolute and relative position
> Synchronous motion via TRIGA, TRIGB or software trigger

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