LVDT/RVDT Controller M-module

The M372 LVDT/RVDT Controller M-module is capable of handling up to four LVDT/RVDT devices. All conversions are made with 13-bit resolution using the National Semiconductor LM12458 Data Acquisition System. The device contains a sequencer that allows complex conversion algorithms to execute without host intervention. Conversion results are stored in an on-chip FIFO from which it can be read by the host.
The LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner is implemented using the AD598 from Analog Devices. This device generates the excitation for the LVDT/RVDT devices and measures the feedback on the secondary coils. As a result, it generates a DC voltage that is representative for the core displacement.

> AD598 integrated LVDT signal conditioner for each LVDT channel
> Wide range adjustable LVDT excitation frequency and amplitude
> Interfaces with 4/5/6-wire LVDT/RVDT devices
> Distance between LVDT/RVDT devices and M372 can be up to 100 meters
> LM12458 Integrated Data Acquisition System with 13-bit resolution and sequencer
> Programmable conversion rate, resolution, number of conversions and comparison limits
> Interrupt on numerous programmable events (i.e. sequence completion, limit crossing)
> Operates with minimum CPU intervention after initialization

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