Custom Embedded Solutions from D.SignT

Customer-specific Embedded Solutions
The range of standard products from D.SignT, the D.Module family and the UniDAQ products, form the backbone of many embedded DSP applications. Despite their versatility, applications exist which prevent the use of standard products, for example:
mechanical restrictions
the need to integrate additional interfaces and peripherals
special environmental conditions
cost-optimization for high-volume production
In such cases D.SignT offers individually tailored solutions:
Semi-Custom Products
Full-Custom Design
Software Solutions
Their developments are based on the proven hard- and firmware of the D.Module family to retain the product benefits and reduce design risks. You can start your development immediately by using the existing D.Modules or UniDAQ products for design verification, feasibility studies and prototyping.
Depending on your requirements D.SignT offers services ranging from circuit development to the delivery of fully tested and programmed series products.
Please contact us to discuss and define together the specifications of your customer-specific DSP and FPGA system.

For more technical details or price and delivery information please contact us.