VR XMC/x01

6U VPX Dual XMC/PMC Carrier and Mass Storage Board

The VR XMC/x01 provides a flexible solution for adding modular I/O functionality and storage to a 6U VPX system. The carrier accommodates two single width XMC or PMC modules conforming to the IEEE 1386 Common Mezzanine Card standard, with front panel I/O and rear I/O. XMC modules supporting up to x16 PCI Express® (PCIe) interfaces and PMC modules supporting up to PCI-X 133MHz can be used. The carrier provides rear I/O via PMC Pn4 and XMC Pn6 connectors, where the rear I/O signals are routed to the VPX backplane in accordance with VITA 46.9 (to an optional Rear Transition Module). Unused XMC/PMC sites can accommodate 2.5-inch SATA drives (HDD/SSD) for applications requiring mass storage. For rugged applications two VPX-REDI conduction-cooled versions of the board are available.

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