VMEbus Lifetime Extension

Concurrent Technologies has been quick to react to the news that the prime VMEbus bridge device is in the process of End of Life. Like almost all the other VME board vendors, Concurrent Technologies have been using the Tsi148 device from IDT.

We are aware that many of our customers need to continue to support existing VMEbus deployments, in some cases for many years. In order to provide as much flexibility as possible we are already offering:

  1. A last time buy option for delivery of existing VME boards until around the end of 2015
  2. An option to extend the manufacturing of VME boards beyond 2016
  3. The option to supply boards without the VME bridge device fitted. As a result of discussions with existing customers, this option satisfies opportunities that have the capability to use alternative control methods without the need to swap out the chassis and backplane. Datasheets are already available on our popular VP 91x/11x and VP 717/18x products and these solutions are now available to order.

In addition, early in 2015, we expect to announce two new VME boards using a different bridge device. These solutions will enable customers to buy VMEbus cards based on new processor technology for the foreseeable future and are expected to be a popular choice.