Stepper Motor Controller for PCI

The PCI322 Intelligent Stepper Motor Controller is designed to drive external amplifiers. This is an ideal solution for all applications where stepper motors must be controlled with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of overhead. The local processor handles all high-level commands to provide maximum control for both straightforward as very complex applications

> Controls up to two external stepper motor amplifiers independently
> Firmware compatible with PCI321 intelligent stepper motor controller with on-board amplifiers.
> Interrupts on position breakpoint, trajectory complete and command complete
> Optical isolated RS422 interface with on-board isolated power supply
> Step, direction and three general purpose signals available per channel
> One home sensor input per channel (optical isolated)
> Step-rates up to 50kHz
> Programmable acceleration from 50Hz/sec to 5,000kHz/sec.
> PCI9050 Controller by PLX (PCI 2.1compliant)

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