CompactFlash M-module

The M340 CompactFlash M-module is used to add a CompactFlash card slot to any platform supporting the M-module standard.
CompactFlash is a small form factor card standard that encompasses CompactFlash (CF) flash data storage cards, magnetic disk cards and I/O cards. The M340 supports all of these types CompactFlash cards.
The M340 has one card interface slot which supports type I and type II CompactFlash (CF) as well as CF+ Cards. Furthermore the M340 supports hotswap and low voltage cards.
Note: IBM microdrive not included.

> CompactFlash (CF) and CompactFlash+ (CF+) compatible
> Type I and Type II card compatible
> Microdrive ™ compatible
> Low voltage support, 3.3v or 5v cards
> Hot socketing
> Card accessible through frontpanel
> Host Controller configurable for memory mode or I/O mode
> Two individuallly configurable windows for accessing the CompactFlash card
> A08/D16 M-module interface
> Host interrupts supported
> Identification EEPROM

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