CANbus Controller M-module

The M360 CANbus Controller (based on the SJA1000) is an integrated standalone controller for the Controller Area Network (CAN) with a M-module interface.
CAN is used within automotive and general industrial environments. The M360 contains all necessary hardware for high performance serial network communication. The M360 performs all the functions of the physical and data-link layers.
The use of the M360 CANbus controller in an industrial environment, results in a reduction of wiring harness and an enhanced diagnostic and supervisory capability.

> CAN access priority determined by message Identifier
> Programmable network clock frequency
> Data rate up to 1Mbps
> Status indication by two LEDs at front
> Transmit and receive FIFO buffers
> Full interrupt capability
> High-speed isolated ISO11898 Compliant transceiver
> TTL level signals Tx0, Tx1, Rx0 and Rx1 available on output for custom physical network interface
> Supports both 11-bit and 29-bit identifier fields

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