Aperture A/D M/MA Module

The M200 is a 100kSPS 12-bit A/D converter module that will sample and selectively store differential analog signals along with a 31-bit time stamp at a rate up to 100kSPS. The 31-bit time tag allows almost six hours of uniquely time tagged data, at a resolution of 10 microseconds, to be stored by the host. The module has the ability to convert and store all data at the specified sample rate or selectively store input values that exceed the range of the programmed aperture window. This technique provides extensive real-time data compression for transient type input signals.

Applications for the M200:
> Acquisition of transient signals
> Real-time data compression
> General A/D Conversion

> Input accessories for the M200: Anti aliasing filter for plug in to the M-module, optional with the M200
> Input accessories for the M200: Voltage monitoring capability plug in to the M-module, optional with the M200
> Calibration: software programmable trim resistors for offset and full scale
> Local Memory: 32K 48-bit time-value data pairs

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