ARINC-429 Controller for CompactPCI

The CPCI302 provides four ARINC-429 compatible channels (2x receive and 2x transmit) at any rate between 12.5 and 100kbps. Because the CPCI302 is built upon a flexible platform, the user functions can be implemented almost without restriction, making this product flexible and user-friendly.

This CompactPCI card is availabe in a 3U and a 6U form factor.

> Flexible platform allows easy addition of user-specific requirements
> 2 transmit channels, 2 receive channels
> Data rate software adjustable between 12.5 and 100kbps per channel
> 16 User-selectable labels for interrupt generation upon reception
> Status and statistics monitoring for all channels
> ARINC-429 rise/fall capacitors selectable per channel
> Provides excellent platform for ARINC-429 protocol analyses

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