8-channel high performance cPCI audio card

The CPCI487 is a 8 channel high performance CompactPCI audio card with front and rear I/O for use in embedded computer applications. The audio card is based on the Cmedia CMI8768 single-chip PCI audio controller with integrated codec, full duplex 8 channel DAC and 2 channel ADC, 96k/16bit playback and 48k/16bit recording support.

The Integrated SPDIF transmitter can deliver 5.1 Dolby® Digital/DTS®, or 6.1/7.1 Dolby® Digital Surround EX/DTS ES soundtracks and up-to-96kHz high-definition audio stream to an external receiver.

The audio interfaces via the CPCI487 front panel consist of a line input, a microphone input, a front line output and a speaker output with an on-board stereo amplifier; all using 3.5mm stereo connectors.

Optionally the audio connections can be made via the rear I/O of the CPCI487 using the PIM481-J (PMC I/O Module, with four 3.5mm stereo connectors) or the PIM481-DSUB (PMC I/O Module, with 15-pin DSUB connector). The PIM481-J and PIM481-DSUB are to be mounted on a rear transition module.

A special PIM with SPDIF interface is available for the CPCI487. More PIM modules may become available in the future.

The CPCI487 is available in temperature range 0 .. +70°C.

Driver support for the Cmedia CMI8768-series are included in commonly used operating systems, like Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

The CPCI487 is an assembly of the PMC487 and a CompactPCI carrier.

> Single slot 3U CompactPCI, with front and rear I/O (J2)
> PCI interface rev.2.2, 33MHz, 32-bit, supports 3.3V and 5V signalling
> Optional PIM (VITA 36) for rear I/O connections
> Cmedia CMI8768 8 channel PCI integrated sound chip
> Four audio connections via front panel
> Front or rear line out selectable by solder jumper to speaker output
> Driver support available in commonly used operating systems

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