Software Development Support Package for UniDAQ

UniDAQ supports the integration of simulation tools and engineering software like Matlab/Simulink® and LabView® with NI-Visa USB RAW and Modbus-TCP data transfers. Besides signal analysis, stimuli generation and modelling, this also enables an efficient development of stand-alone applications: algorithms can be evaluated, ported to the DSP, and verified step-by-step.
The extensive support software contains sample configurations and demonstration programs for a variety of application areas. It is fully integrated into Texas Instrument’s Code Composer Studio development environment. The board firmware also includes ready-to-use functions for in-the-field software updates and diagnosis via a USB connection, optionally via Ethernet.

  • Development licence for UniDAQ.BIOS: The BIOS provides programming support for all on board resources
  • Development licence for Set-Up Utility, update and maintenance services via USB and diagnostics software
  • DSP Software: DMA driven analog input and output, Interrupt driven analog input and output
  • Other software: USB Device Driver for Windows 7/8/10
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