UniDAQ2 Processor Board

UniDAQ2 is a versatile data acquisition and processing system for industrial applications, scientific research and education.
16 simultanously sampled analog inputs with excellent performance and low latency make UniDAQ2 ideally suited for high-precision measurements of dynamic signals and control loops. Eight analog outputs control actuators, generate stimuli signals, references or monitor internal processing states.

Application Areas

vibration analysis and machine monitoring
acoustic measurements, microphone array processing
servo control and positioning systems
measuring devices for research, development, and test stands
laboratory equipment for education classrooms

Key Features

16 simultaneously sampling SAR A/D converters, 16-bit, 175kS/s
8 inherent monotonic D/A converters, 16-bit, 105kS/s
internal or external sampling triggers for ADC and DAC
456 MHz floating-point DSP (TMS320C6747) with 64 Mbytes SDRAM
USB2.0 Device Port and 100 Mbit Ethernet
Expansion port for mass storage, field busses, display, GPIO, FPGA, etc.
Isolation barrier between analog and digital circuits
Single-supply power 5-18V, typ. 3W
Extensive support software with configuration and demonstration samples
Fully integrated into Texas Instrument’s Code Composer Studio
Firmware supporting in-the-field updates and diagnosis
Software infrastructure for USB and Ethernet
Matlab/Simulink® and LabView® integration support

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