Highest Performance Fixed Point DSP Computer Module with TMS320C6203B

Highest Performance Fixed Point DSP Computer Module, based on TMS320C6203B
Peak Performance 2400 MIPS
Stand-alone Operation
Watchdog and Power Supply Supervisor
512 Kbytes internal data memory, 384 Kbytes internal program memory, full speed access
2 Mbytes non-volatile Flash and 16 Mbytes 150 MHz SDRAM on-board memory expansion
3.3V Single Supply
Three 5V tolerant Serial Ports, up to 100Mbit/s
External Bus Interface for memory and I/O expansion (5V tolerant)
Additional Expansion Bus for high-speed data acquisition (5V tolerant)
Dual UART with FIFOs and Auto-Flow Control, RS232 and RS422/485 line interface
User configurable 72 macrocell CPLD for I/O expansion and interface adaptation, 16 free I/Os (32 if Expansion Bus not used)
D.Module.BIOS, configuration and Set-Up Utility
Two 32 bit Timers
Four external Interrupts
JTAG Emulator Port
Small Size: only 85 x 59 mm

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