Complete Stand Alone C6657 + FMC Development Kit

Applications with high-speed data acquisition like ultrasonics, radar, or software defined radio, typically require data preprocessing in an FPGA. The DK-FMC bundles contain both DSP and FPGA boards, and a carrier board with an FMC mezzanine card slot. FMC is standardized in Vita.57. Most manufacturers of high-speed data converters offer FMC evaluation boards for their products. Also available are highly specialized FMC boards, e.g. complete SDR front ends. The DK-FMC bundles provide a straightforward solution to build complex signal processing chains on a modular basis.

  • D.Module2.C6657 DSP board
  • D.Module2.6SLX45T FPGA board
  • D2.Base.FMC carrier board with FMC site
  • 702320 XDS200 in-circuit emulator
  • Code Composer Studio Free License
  • 12V power supply
  • USB cable
  • Support software, documentation, C-code sample projects, VHDL sample projects
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