Floating-Point Module with TI TMS320C6713B DSP

This is a legacy product still being in production but not recommended for new designs. Please consider the D.Module2.C6747.
Highest Performance Floating Point DSP Computer Module, based on TMS320C6713B
Peak Performance 2400 MIPS, 1800 MFLOPS
Stand-alone Operation
Watchdog and Power Supply Supervisor
Two Level Cache Architecture
2 Mbytes non-volatile Flash Memory
128 Mbytes SDRAM
3.3V Single Supply
Two 5V tolerant Serial Ports
I²C Bus
External Bus Interface for memory and I/O expansion
(5V tolerant)
Wait State Logic
Two pre-decoded Memory Select Signals
UART with FIFOs and Auto-Flow Control, RS232 line interface
User configurable 72 macrocell CPLD for I/O expansion and interface adaptation, 16 free I/Os (42 if HPI not used)
16 Bit wide, 5V tolerant Host Port Interface, also usable as an Expansion Port for high-speed data acquisition
D.Module.BIOS, Configuration and Set-Up Utility
Two 32 bit Timers
Four external Interrupts
JTAG Emulator Port
Small Size: only 85 x 59 mm

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